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Use dollar photo I bought from istock

Let’s play a game … we can fill your wallet up with money or we can fill it up with doubt.  Which do you choose?

Oh, the money?  That is SO funny … everybody I play this with always chooses the money.



The problem is, many times, the doubts that fill up your wallet aren’t even all yours.  Your spouse (or ex) wonders aloud if people are really going to pay you for what you do.  Your best friend tells you that she’s worried about you. And your mother still really doesn’t even understand what it is that you do.

You have to have a pretty, freakin’ confident self-image to never let others doubts about you cause your own belief in yourself to waver.


So let’s fill that darn wallet up with money, dough moolah.  Go in your wallet right now, stick your hand in and grab all that grubby old doubt and throw it in the garbage.  You are done with allowing other people (or yourself) to deposit doubt in your wallet.  You fill that wallet up with money this week and see how much better you feel come Monday.

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