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barter, borrow, buy, manifest?

I had a conversation with my 7-year old daughter this morning about the difference between borrowing, bartering and buying.

So here we are taught from a very young age that you need money to buy things.  And then in the very next sentence most of us are taught that money is scarce, evil, tainted, to get money makes you

to want money makes you …

If you want things, you need to buy them.  If you want to buy things, you need money.  If you want to invest all of your energy in bartering, maybe that’s your own personal creative outlet.  But they’re not going to barter with you at the grocery store or when it comes time to pay your mortgage or rent. But if you feel the need to express your creativitity/purpose in a different way, stop bartering.  It’s time-consuming & limiting.


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