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I left corporate America to start my first business in 1997.

jumped out of HR into entrepreneurship, web design new industry & I thought I was going to also do writing & management training (to call on some skill sets I already had). And, get this, I was going to do it all alone. Solopreneur!

I had a business for 4 years before I realized that I was just limping along because other people were bringing me business.  I was good at what I did, was honest & always delivered on what I said I would do (which I was later shocked was actually a rare quality in a web site designer!).

But I never realized that I was crappy at generating leads.


But if you get honest with yourself, you can transform this denial into a breakthrough.  Becoming aware of & clearing the logjam in your business can lead to a quantum leap.  Imagine if I had learned to generate leads.  I had the systems in place to do the website, invoice the client & collect the money. Imagine if I had learned to delegate?  I could have spent all of my time Imagine if I wasn’t trying to do 16 different things, but one thing just really well?

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